Please contact us if you have any dietary requirement and require substitution. We kindly request minimum two days in advance notice. Apologies in advance we have no gluten free items on our menu.


AKASHI $78 per person

Cold Soba noodles dashi jelly
okra, tomato, yam, wasabi

Grilled Unagi eel, Sansho Tsume sauce
simmered white radish, eggplant, mushroom

Sashimi of the day

Nigiri sushi
・Prawn, market fish, vegetable
・Anago eel, Vegetables, spicy pork 'n' chicken patty

Pacific Saury(Sanma) confit
Yuzu soy, taro potato

Meat duo
Wagyu roast beef, crumbed pork tenderloin
Akadashi miso soup
Steamed rice



Beer $2 per bottle

Wine / Sake $6 per bottle

Spirits $8 per bottle