Please contact us if you have any dietary requirement and require substitution. We kindly request minimum two days in advance notice. Apologies in advance we have no gluten free items on our menu.

MAY 2024

AKASHI /$89 per person



MB 8-9 wagyu Nigiri sushi

Spring onion

Shira-ae persimmon

Tiger prawn, mushroom, bean curd,

                                  Rice cake, Tonburi  mountain  vege w tofu sauce


・Prawn, vegetable, Market fish

・Anago eel, vegetables

Fire fly squid  with vinegared miso  sauce


Fried panko sardine

Shiso sauce

Rice, Akadashi miso soup, Pickle  vege



Beer $2 per bottle

Wine / Sake $6 per bottle

Spirits $8 per bottle